Dentures as we know them have been completely revolutionised with technology and offer more accurate precision than their traditionally made counterparts. These types of dentures, known as ‘digital dentures’ are created using computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM). This means every part of the process is done by a machine, including the impressions and creation of the dentures. Using this technology allows for a fit that can precisely mould to the contours of a patient’s mouth, leaving no room for human error. It also takes far less time to create impressions with digital dentures, as it only requires a digital scan with minimal adjustments needed. In comparison, traditional dentures are formed using moulds and can take multiple appointments to get a correct impression.

The digital denture process: How are digital dentures made?

The process of creating 3D dentures is a relatively simple one and requires only a few visits to a dental prosthetist.

  1. At your first appointment your dental prosthetist will take a digital scan of your bite and mouth. You can also show your dental prosthetist photos of what your teeth used to look like, to get a more natural look.
  2. The machine will create an impression of your bite, and a 3D model will be created for you to try on at your second visit.
  3. As you try on your 3D pair, your dental prosthetist will test if you can speak properly and if it feels comfortable.
  4. Once you’ve approved the fit, your dental prosthetist will send the model back to the lab for the final version to be made.
  5. Dentures will be created using CAM technology, and the final dentures will be precisely cut and formed for an accurate fit.

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What are the benefits of digital dentures?

Precision fit

As digital dentures are created using technology, a patient can expect a fit that’s made with the utmost accuracy. So precise is this technology that it will do everything from recording your bite, conceptualising the arch shape, and creating an exact tooth shape and size.

Can be easily replaced

Digital dentures can be easily replaced if lost, as your dental prosthetist will have a backup of your denture design in their system. This means you won’t have to sit through impressions again and you won’t have to wait long for your dentures to be created either.


Not only is the impressions process with 3D dentures a lot easier than traditional ones, but so too is the production time. Digital dentures require fewer appointments and adjustments and offer a quicker replacement process too.


Digital dentures are made from high quality BPS materials that offer high fracture resistance to impact and wear. BPS (biofunctional prosthetic system) uses three layers or cross-linked resin to create the teeth, which makes them appear natural and lifelike. As the BPS system uses controlled heat procedure, digital dentures are far less susceptible to shrinkage.

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