Digital Dentures

Digital Dentures from Pearl Dentures

When the perfect fit matters, choose digital dentures at Pearl Denture Studio.

Digital Technology is playing an ever increasing role in Prosthetic Dentistry, Advances in computing software now enables prosthetic base treatments such as complex 3 dimensional structures ,ie Dental Impressions of your mouth, to be electronically scanned and stored and enables CAD/CAM (CAD – Computer Aided Design and CAM – Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology to be implemented in all phases of high quality precision denture construction.

We look forward to discussing how these digital dentures can revolutionise your life, offering you a high-quality denture that really fits your lifestyle. Contact us!

Digital Dentures

Benefits of digital dentures with Pearl Dentures

We are excited about our digital dentures and are committed to providing quality dentures to our clients, whether they are seeking a full denture, a partial denture, or an implant denture.

You’ll love the precision and design of our digital dentures. Every set of quality dentures we create gives you the peace of mind you need to know that your dentures aren’t going to shrink or change. Your dentures will be comfortable, secure and firm from the moment you wake up until the moment you take them out to go to sleep.
We don’t think you should have to compromise just because you have dentures. Your hard-wearing digital dentures are manufactured using strong materials that last and perform for years to come. Your dentures are manufactured using BPS® materials to ensure high resistance to impact.
A great fit every time
Thanks to our digital denture system you will be able to get the same dentures time and time again – so even if they break or need replacing, we can ensure you have the same great fit.
Fully customisable
You can choose from a range of denture solutions to ensure that your dentures look and feel exactly as you want them to. We can guide you in the selection of materials and style to give you the stunning teeth you need.
You’ll love how fast and easy it is to get quality dentures without having to compromise on any aspects. Digital dentures are great for anyone who is looking for a lasting denture solution.

How Digital Dentures Work


The functional dental impression using a custom made oral template recording all the information captured from the Oral Cavity is electronically measured and converted into a digital image for safe storage of your records.


Powerful 3 Shape enables all aspects of the denture construction to be undertaken. Customized Impression Trays and Oral Templates can be 3D Printed with extreme accuracy, allowing more accurate impressions to be recorded of the delicate Oral Tissues and Anatomy.

Using tooth libriares within the software the perfect denture can be completely designed with CAD Technology then enabling a 3D printed test copy of your denture to be manufactured ready for a clinical trial where all aspects of the restoration are able to be examined by a clinician and patient, appropriate tests carried out to truely evaluate the over all design concepts. When confirmation is given the permanent denture/s will be constructed with CAM technology.



The final Dentures will be precisely cut form premanufactured discs out of high quality materials of the Swiss Developed Bio Functional Prosthetic System (BPS) providing accuracy of fit free from any polymerisation, shrinkage or distortion as there are no thermal influence as in traditional curing materials.

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