When you first get dentures, it’s normal to experience pain and discomfort as your mouth takes time to adjust. However, if you find sore gums from dentures lasting a bit too long, or the pain more intense than normal, there might be another reason behind the discomfort. To help you figure out the cause and how to treat it, we’ve put together some common reasons for ‘sore gums from dentures’ and what you can do prevent them from happening in the future,

What are some causes of swollen gums from dentures?

There are a few things that can swollen gums from dentures with the most common reasons being:

Your mouth needs to adjust

When you first get dentures, your mouth will have to adjust to having a foreign object inside of it. The feelings you experience may range from tolerable discomfort to mild pain. However, if pain persists for a long time, or is at a point where it the pain seems more intense than normal, you should consult with a dental prosthetist immediately.

Your dentures no longer fit you.

Bone resorption occurs when there are no longer teeth to support your jawbone. In time, the jawbone will start to deteriorate, as the body begins signalling that the bone is no longer being used. This occurs with both partial and full dentures, though full tooth loss will result in quicker resorption. You’ll find your dentures will be repairing, or a denture reline to keep up with your changing jawbone.


Sore gums due to dentures may occur if dentures are not cleaned properly, as a build up of bacteria can then lead to mouth lesions. The yeast can start to form under your dentures, causing them to painfully rub up against your gums. If an infection occurs, your dentist will likely prescribe antibiotics to relieve the pain and take a look at your denture cleaning routine. It’s advised you don’t wear dentures during the night, as your mouth needs time to relax from the constant pressure.

What can you do to prevent sore gums due to dentures?

If your dentures are new, some sores at the beginning of the adjustment period may be inevitable. However, for long time denture wearers, there are a few things you can do that may help prevent denture sores.

Clean your dentures daily

Cleaning your dentures daily will help stop bacteria from building up, or food getting trapped between the dentures and your gums.

Eat soft food

Eating soft food is recommended for new denture wearers, as it puts less strain on your healing mouth.

Use denture adhesive

Denture adhesive helps keep dentures in place and stops them from rubbing up against your gums. The adhesive is best used if you’re getting used to new dentures, or if there is some slight shifting. However, if you find yourself relying too heavily on adhesive, it may be a sign you need to replace your dentures.

Denture Sore Gums – Treatment at Home

Looking for denture sore gums treatment at home? The following remedies for sore gums from dentures tips may help:

Use pain relief medication

Your dentist may recommend medication to help with the discomfort, pain, and inflammation.

Remove and soak dentures overnight

Removing your dentures gives your mouth time to heal and alleviates pressure which is known to contribute to sores.

Apply a topical solution

To help speed up the healing process, your dentist may recommend a topical aesthetic.

Though there are a few remedies for sore gums from dentures you can do at home, it’s recommended you see a dentist to find out the cause.

Need help with your dentures?

We hope our article on sore gums from dentures has provided you with some solutions to your denture problems. If you think it’s time for new dentures or you need a denture repair, get in contact with Pearl Denture Studio – your local Northern Rivers denture clinic – and a friendly member of our team will be in touch soon.