The BPS Difference

The BPS Difference - Why We Only Offer Digital Dentures

The Bio functional Prosthetic System, (BPS) is the foundation from which all our modern prosthetic restorations are created.

Meeting the increasing demand for highly functional, aesthetic denture based solutions for patients missing some or all their natural teeth is made more predictable with the unparalled quality and functionalities of the coordinated clinical/technical materials and components of the Bio-functional Prosthetic System.

In addition to being a cutting-edge technology, BPS also offers a global network and reliable support to its patients wearing a BPS recongised BPS denture. Patients can relax knowing no matter what life presents to them, no matter where you are, help through a global networks is only a phone call away.

Image of BPS dentures in dental apparatus

Like to know more about BPS Dentures?

Why are BPS dentures the right choice for you?

Quality is not a accident, but rather a combination of carefully considered choices of components, materials, techniques and engineering coming together in a harmonious way yet unassuming manner, providing the user with a product which simply works. Pearl Denture Studio is one of the select few Key Opinion Leaders recognized by Ivoclar Vivadent for their expertise and pioneering efforts in the world of dentures.

BPS precision dentures are the harmonious combination of coordinated dental materials, products, techniques and skills available exclusively to certified BPS clinics such as Pearl Denture Studio. Giving patients the confidence that all there boxes have been ticked.

  • Accuracy of fit
  • Strength and wear resistance
  • Bio Compatibility
  • Natural appearance and artificial teeth
  • High functionality
  • Resistance by bacterial invasion
  • Anatomical design construction
  • Precision replacement of jaw movements
  • Odour and stain resistance

Denture Teeth – the visible difference

Premium SP Phonares II

Teeth have been designed with high aesthetic goals in mind. Giving the clinical/technician the ability to adapt the teeth to cater for the facial features, age related characteristics, intricate tooth/gum styling, and natural setting arrangements for inconspicuous natural tooth appearance simply to create the perfect smile.

SR Phonares II are distinguished by a highly detailed surface texture and anatomical detail, whilst maintaining natural tooth qualities of translucency and opalescence as natural light interacts with your smile.

SR Phonares II artificial teeth are constructed from advance Nano- Hybrid composite resins, developed not only for the aesthetic qualities mentioned but to enhance tooth toughness and resistance to wear and provide a long lasting functional dental restoration to serve the wearer better for longer

SR Vivodent SPE

Can be considered the work horse of denture teeth. Constructed of double cross linked (DCl) polymer resin, the unique shades of the Vivodent  SPE range combined with the versatile and distinctive shapes, these teeth can be used to create attractive dentures for full and partial restorations of all styles.


Premium Denture Base Curing Systems.

The Ivobase Injection Polymerising process provides a continuous stream of uncured resin into the mould cavity at your denture base as the curing takes place.

The Patented computer controlled Injection System completely compensates for the unavoidable curing shrinkage associated with the manufacture of denture base materials, providing the most accurate fit, highest levels of comfort with a hygienic base free from Macro and Micro porosity.

Shrinkage of your denture base is the major cause of porosity, macro and micro. If the resin is allowed to shrink a loss of pressure in the mould cavity occurs, this allows gases to expand causing visable and invisible voids to form within the matrix of the resin. These voids or gaseous porosity, allow bacteria to invade and colonize within the base itself. With strong, well documented links between mouth bacteria and  many common diseases and infections, all steps to reduce oral bacteria must be taken to optimise and maintain health benefits of your denture

Ivobase/Ivocap Denture base resins are the first choice in Prosthetic dentistry to deliver a strong, accurate, hygienic denture base for your denture which can be worn for years to come with complete confidence that only the best product form the BPS System can deliver.

Image of dental machine making casting model with putty

David Stanford Smith, at Pearl Denture Studio, is one of only a few clinicians to have trained in every aspect of the BPS system. At the forefront of expanding and developing denture technology, he is recognized by Ivoclar Vivadent as a key opinion leader. 

Clinically and technically having travelled and trained in Switzerland many times with master clinicians and technicians around Europe, his dental knowledge has been gained for the benefit of his patients.

David Stanford Smith and Pearl Denture Studio are certified BPS providers, making us one of a few denture clinics in Australia offering this high quality system.

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