Implant Retained Dentures

High Quality, Fixed Dentures That Offer Stability and Support.

There will come a time when the effects of Bone Resorption (shrinkage) will have such an impact on a denture related treatment, that Dental Implant therapy may become a real consideration.

Awareness of the benefits of Dental Implant therapy has been increasing but this is largely based around making expensive fixed solutions regarding costly treatment plans, invasive surgery and high expenses.

Many patients may be unaware that one of the most effective Implant base treatments for patients missing all their natural teeth based around the placement of only two dental implants in the lower jaw.

The placement of two implants into the regions of the lower canine teeth and the associated components incorporated into the lower denture is a life changing treatment especially when advanced alveolar bone resorption has occurred. The loss of jaw bone is a loss in denture stability which in turn has a negative influence on denture function.

It also provides these benefits without the ongoing expensive maintenance programs as patients are able to very effectively care for their own implants simply by removing the overdenture to easily access the Dental Implant abutments and thoroughly clean all the surfaces with simple readily available dental brushes. Clean Implants are healthy implants and healthy implants are for life.

Implant retained dentures for the lower jaw provide high increases in dental function, comfort and confidence to the patient without the massive costs associated with fix bridge options.

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Advantages of Implant Retained Dentures


By locking the denture onto the Implants the lower denture becomes stable this in turn increases the chewing efficiency as the lower denture moves very little maximizing chewing efficiency. Studies have shown a 6 fold increase in chewing efficiency with only two implants and a retained overdenture.


As the lower denture is locked into position, movement is almost eradicated meaning the denture cant slip out of position then be driven into the delicate gum tissue by the next stoke of the bite.


Confidence increases as chewing becomes more predictable, challenging foods become less of an issue. Imagine eating at a Restaurant or Cafe, when the meal about to arrive is met with the excitement of the unknown expectation, instead of the concern about “What if I can’t eat the meal?”, “What happens if its not soft?”, “What will I do if?”. Only a person who wears a complete lower denture knows and lives this daily.

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