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Full Dentures from Pearl Denture Studio

When you need high quality full or complete dentures that you can rely on, you can trust the team at Pearl Denture Studio. We use the latest techniques and materials when crafting and delivering your dentures. We trust and use the reputable Bio-functional Prosthetic System(BPS®) which ensures a durable set of teeth for years to come. Our team are highly experienced in working with a range of patients and can be trusted to deliver quality full mouth dentures which add to your quality of life.

When you have complete dentures in place, you will have an acrylic base with your acrylic or composite teeth affixed in the dentures. These full dentures are removable to allow for better cleaning and maintenance and are manufactured to a high standard using the BPS® system. Like your natural teeth, your dentures are supported by your gums.

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Like to know more about Full Dentures?

You can choose to have your full dentures held in place with dental implants, or you can opt for traditional methods of affixation. If you are worried about breaking your dentures, say for example if you have broken dentures in the past, then speak to us about the possibility of putting strengthening plates or mesh in place.

Full Dentures From Our Professional Dental Technicians

One of the biggest concerns our patients have when they are engaging us to complete their full mouth dentures is whether the dentures will let them talk and eat properly. We will work with you ensuring you will love the end result; a restored smile, a comfortable fit, and easy insertion and removal. Your dentures help to not limit you from talking, eating, laughing, or engaging in any of the activities that you love doing.

  • Our Prosthetist will take the time to talk to you and will find out what kind of lifestyle you have, any preferred comfort options, and what kind of aesthetic you are hoping to achieve.
  • We use state of the technology to design digital dentures that fit comfortably and allow you to speak & eat in the manner you are used to.
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You can be assured of quality at every step when you work with us at Pearl Dentures.

We’re a denture clinic Northern Rivers and are here to make sure that your dentures are a great fit for today and tomorrow.

Quality Complete Denture Solutions

We are proud to provide a range of quality complete dentures to our patients and use the BPS® Denture Technique as the foundation to our full denture solutions. We stand behind our solutions and can tailor an option to suit any needs and preferences you may have.

  • The BPS® denture system offers a great fit and lasting performance and comfort no matter what shape your mouth is.


  • BPS® dentures are sophisticated and ensure that you get a final denture that fits your mouth and enhances the way you can chew, laugh, talk, and interact with others.


  • The mould of your teeth and jaw is taken with the latest tools and instruments and ensures that the end result is a quality restoration.


  • You can have teeth that are clean, white, and resistant to staining – or you can have teeth which are tailored to a natural random appearance with an appropriate colorisation.



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We can discuss the appropriate care for your dentures when we speak to you at your appointment and will provide a full after-treatment and care plan for you to follow.

Full BPS® Dentures from Pearl Dentures

Our friendly team can help you understand the benefits and potential issues with full dentures and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Our team are committed to providing you with lasting care and attention and are committed to being a trusted clinic for the people of the Northern Rivers.

Learn more about complete dentures at Pearl Denture Studio by calling us on 02 6684 3677 or get in touch with us online to book an appointment.

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