Consequences of Missing Teeth: What You Should Know

When someone loses a tooth, it is easy to only think of the visual impacts. While having a gap in your smile is certainly a distinct look, there are several consequences of missing teeth that go beyond just affecting your appearance. These can affect your health, as well as your ability to eat. No matter if you lost your tooth due to decay, an impact injury, or an infection, these issues will affect you all the same. Luckily, there are ways to prevent these problems from occurring, as dentures are a proven and trusted way to avoid the harmful effects of missing teeth.

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The Consequences of Missing Teeth

Shifting Teeth

Your teeth rely on each other for support, keeping their place by balancing against each other. When a tooth is lost, and nothing is used to replace the empty space, your remaining teeth can shift and tilt into the void. These crooked teeth cause their own problems over time as they become weakened due to the extra stress and pressure, potentially resulting in gum disease.

Bone Loss

One of the major effects of missing teeth is the loss of bone in the affected area, which causes a sunken look in the gums. As the jawbone deteriorates, it affects the shape of your face, cheeks, and lips. The flow on effect of a reduced jawbone may also result in more teeth being lost, which in turn leads to further deterioration of the jawbone.

Tooth Decay

As your remaining teeth shift around your mouth as one of the consequences of missing teeth, the enamel surface of the teeth can become fractured. Once this occurs, your vulnerable teeth are at risk of being invaded by plaque and bacteria, resulting in decay, cavities, and further damage. A root canal may be required to remedy the issue.

Sinus Issues

The teeth in the upper back of your jaw help to protect the sinus cavity, and when these teeth are lost, this cavity is left at risk. There is only a thin layer of bone that separates your sinus and mouth, and without the necessary teeth, this bone can quickly erode. This can result in a greater frequency of sinus-related symptoms, such as headaches, tiredness, and even the loss of smell.

Problems with Eating

Our teeth all work together to help us chew our favourite foods, so when a tooth is removed, there is more pressure placed on the remaining teeth. This is especially true if the missing tooth is in the back, as that area is responsible for producing the most force. This means the effects of missing teeth may be felt in the unfortunate necessity to avoid certain foods you used to enjoy.

TMJ Disorder

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the joint that connects your jawbones to your skull. Missing teeth place a greater strain on this joint, which may result in pain when you do regular things like smiling, speaking, yawning, and eating. The pain caused by this can even force you to only eat on one side of your mouth, resulting in greater pressure on these teeth.

Change in Appearance

The visual consequences of missing teeth go beyond just having a gap in your smile, as a lack of teeth can also change the structure of your face. Without teeth there to prevent it, your cheeks can sink into the gaps and cause your face to look droopy and sunken. This can severely affect your confidence as you suddenly look older than before

Difficulty Speaking

Like your tongue, your teeth help you make certain sounds when speaking. Without them, you may find it hard to say different words. Those with missing front teeth often begin to slur their words and develop a lisp, making it harder for others to understand them. This can become extremely frustrating when you find yourself constantly having to repeat what you’re saying.

Don’t Risk the Effects of Missing Teeth

You don’t have to live with missing teeth, as the denture services at Pearl Denture Studio make it easy to regain your smile. Whether you are missing a single tooth or an entire row, we produce dentures that are shaped to fit and support every mouth. We also offer maintenance and repairs to keep your dentures looking brand new.

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