Toothpaste Myths & Misunderstandings

Since we were old enough to understand, we have been taught the importance of using toothpaste to brush our teeth twice a day. This is to ensure our teeth and gums always remain clean and healthy, contributing to our overall oral health.

While it is vital that we all stick to this routine, there are certain toothpaste myths and misunderstandings that cloud people’s judgement when it comes to practicing good oral hygiene habits. This blog is designed to clear up these misconceptions, presenting you with only the truth when it comes to preserving your beautiful smile.

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The Biggest Toothpaste Myths

The More Toothpaste the Better

Toothpaste is good for our teeth, so the more toothpaste we use, the better, right? This is incorrect, as a pea-sized amount of toothpaste is traditionally enough to get the job done with adequate cleaning. Using an excessive amount does not provide any further health benefits and instead only depletes your supply faster, resulting in more money spent on toothpaste over time.


Toothpaste is Harmful if Swallowed

As a child you may have been told that toothpaste is bad for you if ingested, but this is false. While it is not made to be eaten, swallowing a minor amount while brushing your teeth is fine and will not result in any harmful long-term effects. We certainly don’t recommend eating toothpaste straight from the tube, however.


Expensive Toothpastes Are Better

When you pay a premium, you expect to receive a product that is superior to its cheaper competitors on the market. While this is true in some industries, when it comes to toothpaste, cheaper varieties are often just as effective as their more expensive counterparts. This is because most toothpastes feature the same ingredients, meaning you are mostly paying extra for brand recognition.


Fluoride is Harmful

One of the biggest toothpaste myths is that fluoride is harmful and should be avoided at all costs. While excessive consumption can cause dental fluorosis, the fluoride contained within regular toothpaste is fine to use. In fact, it is beneficial as it aids in strengthening tooth enamel and helps to prevent cavities.


Adult Toothpaste is Fine for Children

It can be easy to believe that all toothpaste is the same, and that children’s toothpaste is merely a ploy to sell extra copies because of the cartoon characters their packaging often features. However, kids’ toothpaste is specifically designed to positively develop oral health in children, with adult toothpaste potentially causing them harm due to the formula being a lot stronger.


You Should Switch Toothpastes Often

Some people falsely believe that when you use a certain toothpaste for a prolonged period, your teeth get “used” to the formula, resulting in lessened benefits. This is far from the truth, as using a high-quality toothpaste still provides the same benefits now as when you first used it. If you have a favourite brand or variety, feel free to keep using it without consequence.


Toothpaste Doesn’t Expire

One of the more common toothpaste myths is that it doesn’t expire, and that it can be used for years after purchase. This is untrue, as most toothpastes expire after about two years, meaning you should always check the use by date on the toothpaste you find forgotten at the back of the drawer. Using expired toothpaste isn’t harmful, but it does significantly lessen its beneficial effects.


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