The Different Types of Dentures

Losing teeth is a pretty common occurrence, but it may leave you wondering what the best dental solution is for you. Contrary to popular belief, there are different types of dentures available that don’t involve completely replacing your entire teeth. Depending on your oral health, a dental prosthetist may suggest partial or full dentures.

Different types of dentures

Dentures or ‘false teeth’ are artificial teeth created to mimic and replace your natural teeth. The different types of dentures are commonly broken down into two categories: full or partial dentures. However, patients can also expect to be fitted with immediate dentures after they’ve had teeth removed or can opt for digital dentures if they’re a suitable candidate.


We’ve compiled a quick guide that outlines the different types of false teeth available:

Full dentures

The traditional form of dentures or full dentures’ is for patients who require a full mouth restoration. This means that not enough teeth have been salvaged for partial dentures. If little to no teeth are left, full dentures will replace a patient’s teeth. Full dentures are typically placed at least six weeks after remaining teeth has been extracted.

Partial dentures

When a patient has a decent portion of their natural teeth left, they may be eligible for partial dentures. These dentures are engineered to fill in the gaps between your available teeth and are attached to your natural teeth using metal claps and a gum coloured base. Of the different types of dentures available, partial dentures are the easiest to get used to.

Immediate dentures

Immediate dentures are dentures that are placed immediately after a patient has had teeth extracted. This acts as a bandaid while the wounded area heals and is a good way for the patient to adjust to having a foreign object in their mouth. Immediate dentures are also necessary as getting full or partial dentures fitted may take a couple of months, if not more. This ensures that the patient won’t have to go out in public without a full smile.

Digital dentures

Digital dentures Digital Dentures are the latest technology used to construct a Denture. As digital design and manufacture is a more accurate process, better clinical records of the patients mouth is required.  The patient’s clinical records are scanned and turned into a digital file. The Dentures are designed on a computer using powerful software packages, 3D Printers are used to make a trial set of dentures which are placed in the mouth for the patient and Prosthetist to evaluate.

The final denture is then made by a computer controlled Milling Process to produce the most accurately fitting denture possible to date. If the dentures are lost or damaged the digital design is stored on file which means an exact copy can be remade.

Interested to learn more?

We hope we’ve given you a good idea of the different types of false teeth available. If you’d like to chat with one of our dental prosthetists or visit our Denture Clinic please in contact and member from our team will get in touch soon.

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