What You Need To Know About Your First Dentures


It may feel strange once you’re fitted with your first dentures, but don’t worry – this is normal. It will take a couple of weeks for your mouth muscles to get used to the denture, but it won’t feel any different from your natural teeth once they do. Speak to your dental prosthetist about using an adhesive to make the denture stick better if you’re worried about it or if you’re experiencing any pain or discomfort for longer than usual.

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Your first time wearing dentures

Be prepared for your first day with new dentures. Based on the care plan tailored by your dental prosthetist, there are tips that you can use to ensure that fitting into your new dentures is smooth and comfortable. The adjustment period may take several days or even weeks before you get fully accustomed to your new dentures. Hence, sore spots in your mouth against your gums are normal while you get used to dentures. This should eventually go away after the dental prosthetist makes adjustments on your dentures until they fit right in.

How long will you experience pain with first dentures?

It’s normal to experience pain while you get used to your first dentures, but this should subside in a few weeks. However, if you find the pain isn’t lessening or is getting worse, you will need to contact your dental prosthetist. This may be caused by ill-fitting dentures that require readjusting. The pain can also be prolonged if teeth were extracted prior to having dentures fitted as your mouth will need time to heal.

Using denture adhesive

Your first time wearing dentures can take a while to get used to, but denture adhesive can help make the transition period as smooth as possible. While you are wearing your new dentures, attach them to the roof of your mouth with denture adhesive to help stabilise them until your mouth adjusts. To apply, squeeze a small amount onto the roof of your mouth and massage it over the dentures.

Speaking with first dentures

As your mouth gets used to dentures, you may find yourself having difficulty pronouncing certain words. This is a normal stage of speech adaptation and should resolve itself after a week without any special treatment. We recommend practicing in front of the mirror or with trusted friends to help with confidence. Denture wearers may also find themselves producing more saliva than usual as the mouth adjusts to the new object, but this will diminish in time.

Eating with dentures

With your first time dentures, it may take some time to get used to. This is because your mouth needs to get used to a foreign object and heal from any extractions. When you start out, we recommend sticking to soft, easy to swallow foods such as soup, mashed potato, pudding, or porridge. Over a few weeks, you can then start introducing harder food into the diet, but care should be taken to avoid sticky food or chewy meat and nuts.

Are you looking at getting your first pair of dentures?

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