What to Expect With New Dentures

What to Expect With New Dentures

Whether it be full or partial dentures, some patients can find the process quite overwhelming. You may wonder what to expect with new dentures, and how quickly you will adapt to them. Will your daily routine be impacted? Will others notice? Will my speech be affected, and are they uncomfortable? These are just some of the common questions asked by patients. One of the biggest concerns our patients have when they are engaging us to complete their full or partial dentures, is whether the dentures will let them talk and eat properly. We will work with you ensuring you will love the end result. Restoring your smile, have a comfortable fit, and easy insertion and removal. Your dentures help to not limit you from talking, eating, laughing, or engaging in any of the activities that you love doing. Although the adjustment period differs for everyone, patience is the key to adapting to your new dentures.

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How long does it take getting used to dentures?

I am often asked, how long does it take getting used to dentures? The answer varies for each individual. Though some may take to their dentures straight away with minimal discomfort, others may take time to adjust, and experience some minor discomfort for the first week or two. Regular follow up appointments during those first few weeks of wearing your new dentures are offered and recommended for review and adjustments.

Dentures can cause you to salivate more than usual, this is your body’s response to having a “foreign object in your mouth. However, in time this will subside.

What to expect with new dentures in the first 48 hours

Increased Saliva

Gum Irritation

Adjustment in Speech

New dentures what to expect: Eating with new dentures

Eating with dentures for the first time will require practice and patience but with time you will be able to bite and chew more naturally. In the beginning, avoid hard foods in favour of a diet of soft foods. Try taking smaller bites and chewing gently to prevent dentures from becoming loose. Gradually introduce more solid foods to your diet and with time you will be able to enjoy most foods.

Keeping your denture clean and free from food debris and plaque is good for your health. To keep your dentures clean is not a difficult process, and should only require a few minutes, twice a day, every day.

New dentures what to expect: Speaking with new dentures

You may notice some differences in your speech at first but with time your tongue, lips and cheeks will become accustomed to the contours of your dentures. Singing and reading out loud will allow your tongue to find the correct position for enunciating your speech.

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We hope this information has given you a thorough understanding on what to expect with new dentures. If you are experiencing any denture related issues or are considering new dentures, please get in touch with one of our knowledgeable team denture clinic team members.

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