Can You Sleep with Dentures

You just received your new dentures and you are starting to experience the positive benefits of having dentures. It’s easier to talk, the types of food you can eat has increased, and you smile with greater confidence. But maybe there is something that you have been wondering about with regard to denture life – can you sleep with dentures? Read on to learn more about going to sleep with dentures.

Can You Sleep with Dentures in Your Mouth?

Can you or should you wear dentures at night when you sleep? This is a question we often get asked at our denture clinic. The short answer is that you should avoid sleeping with dentures, but there are times when its okay to do so. We put together this blog article to shed some light onto why you usually shouldn’t sleep with dentures and when it’s fine to leave the dentures in when sleeping.

Why You Shouldn’t be Sleeping with Dentures

Right at the beginning of this article we said that you shouldn’t sleep with dentures in your mouth. Here’s why:

Bacterial Growth and Gum Inflammation

There are bacteria in everybody’s mouths. We don’t notice the bacteria much, because the body has natural defences in the saliva to keep the bacteria in check. Dentures can block fresh saliva from reaching the gums, making the location where dentures meet the gums a perfect environment for these bacteria to grow and thrive. This can lead to inflammation of the gums and gum infections, all of which can be prevented by removing dentures before bed.

Bone Loss and Poor Dentures Fit

When someone loses their teeth, they will start to experience bone loss in their jawbone. It’s a very slow process that takes years, but it is one that can be sped up by wearing dentures while sleeping. This is because dentures put extra pressure on your gums and the bones of your jaw. This added pressure when you sleep will increase the rate of bone loss, which will lead to a weaker jaw bone and poor denture fit.

Night is a Great Time to Care for Your Dentures

Not sleeping with dentures in your mouth isn’t just good for your body, it’s also good for the dentures. At Pearl Denture Studio, we have seen time and time again the way that dentures improve the quality of life for our patients. This means that you want to take care of your dentures, and when you’re sleeping is the best time to do so. Before you go to bed, remove your dentures and give them a bushing the same as you would with real teeth. Then place the dentures in a dish of denture-soaking solution overnight to keep your dentures in the best condition possible.

When it’s Okay to Sleep with Dentures

Should you wear dentures at night? There are times when it’s okay to sleep with dentures in your mouth. One such time is when directed to do so by your denture prosthetist. Many times, a patient will be directed to wear dentures for the first 24 hours after receiving them. This will allow the patient’s mouth to get used to the dentures, and it will also assist in healing the gums if teeth were removed just before getting the dentures.

Don’t Worry if You Sometimes Fall Asleep While Wearing Dentures

We also don’t want you to be alarmed or worried if you fall asleep on occasion while still wearing your dentures. This happens from time to time to mostly all of our patients and it is not a cause for concern. A nap or even the occasional full night of sleep while wearing dentures will not cause any lasting harm. It is sleeping with dentures repeatedly that can lead to problems.

Contact Pearl Denture Studio for More Information

The take away from all this is to enjoy your dentures and all of the life changing benefits they provide. But at the same time, take care of your dentures and give your mouth a break from the dentures every night when you sleep. If you have any questions about your dentures or about getting dentures, please contact us at the Pearl Denture Studio.

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