Men's Oral Health - What's Important to Know

Studies reveal that men are far more likely to experience oral health issues than women, owing to a variety of factors. It is important for everyone to practice good oral hygiene habits, and this has been taught to us since we were old enough to brush our own teeth. So why is men’s oral health considerably worse than women’s, and what are the factors making it so? Is it simply genetics, or are men far more likely to neglect care and engage in more harmful habits?

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What Makes Men’s Oral Health Unique?

When researching the key differences between the oral health of men and women, most of the damage done to men’s health is self-inflicted. Studies reveal that men smoke and drink more than women, which leads to poor oral health due to excessive use of these damaging substances. Smoking in particular can lead to gum disease and oral cancer later in life.

Countless Australian men take part in contact sport, which has the potential to cause severe injuries if proper mouth protection is not worn. Once men do start to experience symptoms of bad oral health, they are far more likely to avoid the problem, delaying a visit to the dentist until it is often too late to provide adequate treatment.

How to Improve Men’s Oral Health

Most of the ways for men to practice good hygiene are not unique to their gender, though they are still far less likely to practice these habits than women. It is often too late to correct the issue once a problem has arisen, so it is vital that men incorporate these healthy habits into their regular routine to reduce the risk of gum disease, teeth loss, and other nasty surprises later in life.

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day using a soft brush and fluoridated toothpaste. It is a good habit to brush your teeth after every meal to help ingrain it as a part of your regular routine. Spend around three minutes brushing your teeth each time and make sure to reach all corners of your mouth while gently brushing to avoid causing damage.
  • Floss daily to help remove any food scraps that have become trapped between your teeth. This is an easy way to lower your risk of gum disease while ensuring your teeth and mouth stay clean.
  • Avoid excessive use of alcohol and cigarettes, as their usage strongly increases the risk of suffering oral issues. While it can be hard to kick these habits completely, it is recommended to at least limit your usage to improve your general health.
  • Most men avoid going to the dentist, but it is important to see a professional at least once a year to ensure your oral health is on the right track. Regular consultations with your dentist can detect issues before they arise and create ways to mitigate them before they become too far gone to treat.

Men’s Oral Health & Dentures

Countless Australians have turned to dentures to alleviate their oral health issues, as professional dentures are a fantastic replacement for missing teeth. With options available for replacing single teeth or entire rows, men can regain their smiles with this service. Like regular teeth, however, it is still important to practice good oral hygiene habits when using dentures. This involves daily brushing with a soft brush, soaking the dentures in water over night, and cleaning your mouth regularly to ensure your dentures and your oral health remain safe and clean for years to come.

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