Understanding the Impact of Oral Health on General Health

The importance of brushing our teeth twice a day has been ingrained into us since we were old enough to understand, being taught we risk losing our teeth to decay and damage if we don’t stick to this regular routine. Oral health extends beyond just our teeth, however, with our gums being another area that is important to keep clean and healthy. But what is the impact of oral health on general health, and do good oral hygiene habits result in benefits for your overall health?

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How Are Oral Health and General Health Connected?

When discussing oral health, it is easy to think that it refers to only your teeth, mouth, and everything it contains. While this is mostly true, it is important to understand the impact of oral health on general health. Good oral health is good general health, and vice versa. As the entry point to your digestive and respiratory tracts, it is important to keep your mouth clean to avoid harmful bacteria from entering your system. There is a link between poor diet and nutrition to poor oral health, and such factors are also indicative of bad habits when it comes to your general health.

Practicing poor oral hygiene habits risks contracting gum disease, which in turn threatens to reduce your body’s resistance to infection, putting you at risk of further disease and illness. Aside from the health benefits, practicing good oral health habits also boosts your self-confidence as you feel more comfortable showing off your happy, healthy smile. The opposite is also true, as visible poor hygiene is likely to cause one to hide their smile, causing anxiety and affecting their self-esteem. This results in oral health and general health being connected when it comes to leading a happy and healthy lifestyle.

The Positive Impact of Oral Health on General Health

Aside from just displaying a great smile, good oral hygiene offers a range of benefits for your general health. These include:

  • Less risk of suffering gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Fresh breath and white shiny teeth that are stain-free.
  • Reduces the chance of losing teeth.
  • Lowers the risk of suffering a stroke, heart attack, and being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.
  • Saves money on dental care and reduces the need for a root canal or oral surgery.
  • Promotes stronger fertility and leads to healthier pregnancies.
  • Reduces the need for dentures as you are more likely to keep your natural teeth.

The Negative Impact of Oral Health on General Health

Poor oral health puts you at risk of more than just tooth loss and decay, as bad habits threaten your entire body and overall health. These afflictions include:

  • Problems eating, speaking, and sleeping because of tooth decay.
  • Increased risk of suffering a stroke, heart attack, or being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.
  • Loss of nutrition due to complications eating caused by tooth decay.
  • Complications with pregnancy, such as low birth weight and premature birth.
  • Increased risk of contracting pneumonia.
  • Low self-esteem due to missing or damaged teeth.
  • Reduced concentration due to constant oral pain, reducing the quality of work and study.

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