Women’s Dental Health: Exploring its Importance

It is vital for everyone to practice good dental habits to retain a healthy, happy smile. While there are several techniques that are universal, women have unique needs when it comes to maintaining their dental health. A woman’s body is always going through stages of changes, such as pregnancy, menstrual cycles, menopause and so on – because of this, a woman’s dental needs change regularly throughout her life, making it important to be aware of how to maintain high-quality women’s dental health in order to continue living a healthy lifestyle.

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What Makes Women’s Dental Health Unique?

While men and women share similar characteristics when it comes to oral health, there are also several key differences. The main thing that sets women apart is the changes in hormones that occur throughout a woman’s life. These hormones levels change because of pregnancy, menopause, and the menstrual cycle, with each providing their own dental challenges. While the link between women and oral health changes during these stages, there are effective dental habits one can employ to stay happy and healthy. As always, one should consult with their dentist when looking for ways to improve oral health.

Women and Oral Health: The Key Stages


When a woman falls pregnant, the hormones in her body begin to drastically change. These changes affect the way the gums respond to plaque, which in turn increases the risk of gingivitis. If allowed to develop, this can cause the loss of important tissue and bone that helps hold teeth in place. The best way to maintain a strong level of women’s dental health during pregnancy is to continue employing a healthy oral hygiene routine. One easy trap that pregnant women fall into is brushing their teeth after a bout of morning sickness, but this should be avoided as the enamel is weakened after vomiting.


Menopause affects the female body in a variety of ways, and oral health is no exception. The reproductive system and the tissue in women’s mouths rely on the same hormones, which leads to increased pressure on the teeth and gums as these hormones become erratic. This can lead to red and bleeding gums, loss of teeth, painful chewing, and other symptoms. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should visit your dentist immediately. While losing teeth is confronting, cutting-edge denture options are available to help you regain your smile.

The Menstrual Cycle

A woman’s menstrual cycle is yet another change that has great implications on the body’s hormones, but did you know these changed hormones also affect women’s dental health? During this period women’s gums become more sensitive to plaque and bacteria, which increases the risk of gingivitis. These irritated gums may bleed, while cold sores and ulcers may also appear. Practicing good hygiene by brushing twice a day and flossing daily should be enough to maintain your oral health, though you should visit a dentist if you experience symptoms.

What About Dentures?

Countless Australian women happily live with dentures as a replacement for their missing teeth, with modern technology making this transition as seamless as possible. While these dentures are “replacement teeth”, they still need to be properly cleaned to ensure you are practicing good oral hygiene. When you first receive your dentures, your specialist will advise you on the necessary ways to keep your dentures clean, while also providing you with any required products. If you experience any discomfort with your dentures, or notice they are starting to look worse for wear, visit our denture clinic to have your dentures looking brand new again.

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